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Snow Day

Welcome to my page. I’m Melissa!

The start of my blog came on the day I was supposed to be at my full time job which just so happened to be a “required staff training day”. I live in Colorado and the winter is prolonging through the beginning of spring with an unexpected amount of snow where I live (the plows weren’t even awake yet). I got up earlier than usual, worked out, showered, got dressed, pet our black kitty cat Sebastian, fed & took my adorable pups out (an Australian Cattle mix named Sasha and an English Pointer mix named Biscuit), cleaned off my car, and with coffee and my smoothie in hand, was on my way to work. The pet tax:

I drove about a mile when I realized this was an incredibly stupid idea, continued to drive another 6 miles on the highway when me and countless others were stalled to a stop because of multiple accidents (and snow drifts that created zero visibility). I took that as a sign (whether I needed one or not), found the nearest exit and started heading back home. I got to the off ramp and realized, again, that I should’ve started back sooner because my car spiraled into a complete 180 in the other direction (with cars luckily driving slowly towards me). I backed up the car and put it in the correct direction and started slowly driving back home. Driving in Colorado in winter is not for the weak minded.

Needless to say, this left me with an impromptu day off (after I let my supervisor know that was absolutely not going to happen) and since I already had the entire weekend off prior, with not much to do. I started this full time job only a few weeks ago and while it is a good job with decent pay & benefits, I can already feel it isn’t quite where I want to be. My wife, who has always had the foresight to know whether or not my job prospects will work out or not, has been nudging me lately to write a blog (and/or a cookbook). I attempted at some point throughout our almost ten years of marriage of starting a cookbook (and I’m sure that Word document is on a thumb drive somewhere) but I wasn’t feeling it at the time. Maybe I thought I didn’t have what it took, maybe I was just scared, maybe doing something other than working a 9-5 is foreign to me but maybe, JUST MAYBE, that time should be now.

A little about me, I grew up in the Chicago area, got married to my wife, moved to Las Vegas & lived there for 3 years. We then moved to Colorado and haven’t looked back since (except for the restaurants we miss from Chicago and Las Vegas). Here’s the thing, unless you live in a bigger city in Colorado, the gems of good restaurants are hard to find. And if either one of you are vegan/plant based/have any dietary restrictions that aren’t “meat and potatoes”, you will most likely be disappointed because although liberal, this is still a state where people raise cattle largely for food.

This is probably the part where I should mention that I am vegan and/or plant based. I have been since 2009 when I was in culinary school and one of the chef instructors showed us a video of how meat is raised. I say vegan and/or plant based because I have always hated labels. I don’t want animals to suffer, period.

Anywho, cooking and baking has always been my passion so I went to culinary school in Chicago in 2006 and graduated with a BAS of Culinary Management and a Certificate in Professional Baking & Pastry. I worked my way up in the restaurant industry from slinging ice cream cones, to washing dishes, to barista, to hostess, to a minuscule stint in waiting tables (I recommend every human should wait tables at least once), to production, to working the line, to managing and to cycling through pastry chef jobs to executive chef jobs. I was also raised by my parents in the health food industry so my knowledge of dietary supplements & health foods come into play in a lot of what I cook and bake

Finally, my wife and I made a somewhat wild decision in July of 2023 to move across the country to Arkansas where the cost of living is significantly less and where she could be closer to her family for the first time in over 10 years. So we are currently in a suburb of Little Rock where I can start growing my online (and in person business…I am officially selling baked goods at the local farmers markets!).

This page will mostly be dedicated to vegan baked goods recipes (and starting June 2024, I’m selling many of these baked goods in the local Little Rock Arkansas area), tips & tricks, & product/ingredient recommendations but when the feeling strikes, I might throw in a killer 15 minute dinner recipe or maybe even a delicious coffee drink or a slammmmin’ cocktail. My wife and I LOVE to eat and LOVE good food and would want nothing more than to share a piece of our lives with you one dish at a time. I mention her so much as she is my inspiration for this blog and is the one who always believes in me no matter what path I take in life (and most likely will be taking part in helping me make this site be user friendly as that is both of our pet peeves – Meet me: a Type A Personality).

I want this to be a safe space as well for everyone so please let me know in the comments if you do come across a broken link, a typo, a questionable ingredient, looking for a substitute ingredient or maybe to let us know someone is being a troll (as that will ABSOLUTELY NOT be tolerated in our real lives or online presence). Love will always win.