Layers of Flavor: Whipped Vegan Butter

Vegan Compound Butter with Flavor Variations!

This isn’t so much a recipe as a process. You ever go to one of those chain steakhouse restaurants and they bring you a basket of warm bread & the most delicious butter in a ramekin? I did before I went vegan (but let me tell you, I would never partake in the steak eating…I just never have understood it). But I was usually all in on the bread + butter (it’s like the equivalent of chips & salsa at a Mexican joint, there is no stopping me).

This is a staple in my house especially around the holidays when I want to impress. And the fun part is, it is kind of hard to mess up. This “recipe” is basically 95% butter and the other 1-5% is whatever you’d like it to be flavored with.

Throw vegan butter into a mixer with a paddle attachment (or in a food processor). Add flavorings of choice (I’ll include some of my favorites below). Whip the heck out of it until it looks light and fluffy and all herbs or flavorings are mixed in well. Don’t forget a good pinch of salt and/or pepper to amp up the flavor. Store in an airtight container & refrigerate for later use or grab your carb of choice and dig in.

My favorite flavor combos:

  • Maple Syrup/Agave/Date Paste/Coconut Sugar + Cinnamon
  • Finely Chopped Herbs + Lemon Zest
  • Fresh Garlic / Granulated Garlic + Vegan Parmesan
  • Pumpkin Puree + Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • Chipotle Peppers + Lime + Cilantro (optional, if you are the type that thinks it tastes like dirt)
  • Orange Zest + Apricot Jam
  • Old Bay + Spicy Mustard

This is definitely one of those “recipes” you can tinker with to your preferences but I highly suggest giving ‘er a go.

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